Tips for E-Commerce Sellers : Tip 2

Include Your Packaging

Many of the items sold on Amazon have a more practical and domestic use, and can be limited in how visually appealing they look when photographed. In todays top tip I'm suggesting the idea of using your packaging in your main product image alongside your product.

- The design of your packaging makes your product image more appealing to look at

- It gives consumer more to look at and take in alongside your competitors and so will slow them down when scrolling through

- It provides the consumer with more information about the product, its scale, its functions and usage

- It reduces the amount of white background space in the image making the main product image larger on the Amazon pages

And all these should increase the chance of your target audience clicking through to your listing.

Take a look at your listing images. Could these be made more visually appealing by including your packaging?

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