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It's exactly what it says in the name. We wanted to select a name for the brand that was clear as to where our expertise lie, is formal enough to compete with other businesses in this sector, yet still have a personable individual feel about it.  As the business grows we can look to expand to "The Product Photo Crew", or "People".

Logo B

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We have created two logos. 

Logo A will be used as the main website and document header. Logo B will be used for social media and as a profile image.

It was important to create a clean contemporary look that was well presented to give a great impression, as is our intention when working with clients' products.


There is a difference between a professional image, and a DIY product photo. The Product Photo Guy makes expert images of your products accessible and a collaborative experience from start to finish. Whether you sell online via your website, e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, or require imagery for your packaging, social media and advertising. We have the expertise, skills and highest quality equipment to capture your products true potential in an image. Having spent 5 years photographing actors to showcase their casting potential to an extremely crowded entertainment industry in just a single headshot photo, I want to showcase your product and it’s true potential in a way that makes it stand out in the marketplace.


I have thoroughly enjoyed working as a self employed photographer building my business Headshot Toby, providing headshot photographs for professional actors. I enjoy the challenges of running my own business, being confident in pushing my own services and always seeking to offer the best service available to rival that of my competitors.

Having trained as professional actor, I began shooting headshot portraits for my studying colleagues at drama school.  I developed a fascination the headshot format and the influence a single image can have within the industry ultimately in some cases defining a performers success.  Similarly to how a casting shot aims to get an actor into the audition room, a product photo is the connection between consumer and an item that otherwise wouldn't exist.  An impression is vital.


My skills as a photographer have developed greatly from working as an outdoor natural light photographer, to learning how to use indoor audio lighting to be in control of every element of the image and to purposefully construct the composition for a specific purpose. Through practical learning assisting other professional photographers, and experimentation I built the Headshot Toby brand providing hundreds of professional actors with their important headshot portfolio.


In 2019 I became a proud member of the Association of Professional Headshot Photographers, and was a winner at the SME News UK Enterprise Awards 2020.



We will offer a range of product photography services. All will follow the same process of the client sending their products to us, an initial video consultation, photoshoot of the products, an online gallery for the clients to select from, clients favourite images are edited and retouched and made available to download, products sent back to the client.

Our basic and potentially most popular package will be E-Commerce product photos.  The clients product photographed on a standard white background fitting the requirements for platforms such as Amazon and catalogue listings. There will be retouch options of white background, drop shadow, drop reflection and advanced retouching at no additional charge.



We will offer the every best product photography for e-commerce. There will be optional retouch options of white background, drop shadow, drop reflection and advanced retouching- all inclusive in the fee. 


Creative Photography


We will offer creative product photography for marketing and advertising.  Using set creation and Photoshop editing to capture the clients product to include the brand or campaigns colour palette, unique lighting and background setups and other eye catching elements.


Lifestyle Photography


We will offer lifestyle photos that put the clients product into a real life context. This will be achieved by compositing a studio image of the product into a stock image setting, or by creating the scene and photographing live. This creates fantastic content for the client and gives their audience a true understanding of how their products appearance and scale.

We will look to add additional services of video content and 360 degree product views as these formats become more accessible and popular. We will research what additional equipment would be needed and the costs involved to factor into our 3 year plan.





Almost all businesses need images of their products whether they are to be shared in print or digital form. Customers will work with us when they have a new or existing product they wish to photograph.


We will initially market to small to medium sized businesses who sell physical products. These may be large businesses with a whole catalogue of items, to self employed arts and crafts individuals. I will also use social media platforms to establish relationships with creative marketing agencies for referral of clients for more creative product photos for using in advertising and marketing campaigns.

The typical client will be small to medium sized businesses that sell physical products such as small electrical goods or household items online through Amazon and other e-commerce websites. Their budget will be limited and so they will appreciate the value for money and quality of service received with our e-commerce images, and creative / lifestyle options that are accessible. 

Customers can be based anywhere in the UK to take utilise the ease of delivery for products to and from. We will use our online presence to reach our customers far and wide and so location does not affect the type of customers or quantity. We will not be tapping into a specific area or catchment when looking for clients.

There are many factors customers will take into consideration when choosing a supplier:

Price Point - different businesses will have varying budgets for their products photography. They are looking at their overall spending, cost and margins of a product and will be considering every cost along the way.

Value for Money - Businesses will most likely choose a business where they feel they are receiving value for money. Are they getting exactly what they need, and a little more - whether it be through additional images, additional services/photo styles or additional effects.

Quality, Variation & Consistency - Businesses will want the best quality photo for their product and will look at the portfolio and social media content for consistency in their images to impact their selection. Well executed images over a range of varied products and styles creates a trusted service. 

Reliability - Client reviews and testimonials will be very important for a business choosing who to work with. Making these easily accessible and a key part of social media content and web page will help build reliability.

Experience - Clients will base the price point against the previous experience and calibre of previous clients and products to establish if they are value for money. We will look to take advantage of recognisable brands and products that we work with.

I have provided these services to several clients as a complimentary basis. This really helped to refine not only the photography, gallery and retouching process, but also customer relations and communication throughout. We have created a basic portfolio of product imagery that we will continue to expand.


3.68 million active sellers on Etsy

16,520 new UK third party sellers on Amazon in 2021

The stats above really highlight a huge potential market to appeal to that is ever-growing.  

Amongst these figures there has been a large increase in new small businesses and sole traders as a result of individuals seeking a change of career after the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. 

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Details of competitors and their spending etc.